Having an issue getting the lambda serializer to b...
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Having an issue getting the lambda serializer to bundle a file that’s
at the top of the handler. It’s relative to the main lambda file yet won’t pull it in.
I’ve tried forcing it by using
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codePathOptions: {
        extraIncludePaths: ['./infra/prod/*redacted*/lambda/api/request_forms.js'],
The only way I got it bundled was using the full path from the root of my pulumi project
yet it’s being required like so
const requestForms = require('./request_forms');
Also this is very relevant to what I’m trying to do https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/C84L4E3N1/p1573590289254500 except it seems their folder structure is flat
So I managed to trick it into working, instead of my
file exporting my express-routes instance, i wrapped it all in a generator function that just returns the variable i need. Does the JS Serializing logic check for use of parameters on imported files?
Has my use of
gone past the intended use? I’m trying to
in additional files and the serializer isn’t detecting that, so the files aren’t available in the final bundle.
Hey Luke, I did try doing that however the file gets pulled into the bundle at an absolute path
extraIncludePaths: ['./infra/prod/redacted/lambda/api/request_forms.js'],
instead of where it is expected,
Huh - that is surprising. If you can open an issue with a repro we can take a look.
sure I’ll make one with the example layout that’s serializing funny on my end