depends_on doesnt seem to work here - Iam creating...
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depends_on doesnt seem to work here - Iam creating a deploymenet object (pulumi_kubernetes.apps.v1) from like: deployment = Deployment(app_name,..... Setting up a loadbalancer object like : nlb = Service(app_name,.... When i try to get the exteneded configuration of lb like : lb =["load_balancer"]["ingress"][0]["hostname"].apply(lambda hn: hn.split('-')[0]), opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(depends_on=[nlb])) It returns the entire list of loadbalancers as if the name= filter were none. My guess is there is a timing issue where the get_load_balancer is getting executed sooner before the nlb gets created. If timing is the issue, How do i make sure gets called after the nlb creation ? [ depends_on seems to have no effect. else Looking for more Debugging techniques coz theres not much in the error message except : Exception: invocation of awslb/getLoadBalancergetLoadBalancer returned an error: invoking awslb/getLoadBalancergetLoadBalancer: Search returned 50 results, please revise so only one is returned
The way your code is written, the name filter is indeed being read too early. You would need to restructure the code so that is being called inside the lambda from nlb["load_balancer"]["ingress"][0]["hostname"].apply(). Within the apply lambda, the hostname becomes a string. Outside the apply, it will always be a pulumi.Output<string>, which cannot be passed into the "name=" filter. If you're familiar with asynchronous calls using Python Futures or Javascript Promises, the pulumi.Output model follows very similar design patterns.
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tried lambda yesterday, just that i have lot more code going inside the lambda, wish depends_on worked as expected.