We are building a SAAS application that enables re...
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We are building a SAAS application that enables registered customers to deploy data platform on their AWS environment using pulumi. To do that, our SaaS application needs to programmatically create a pulumi account when a customer is registered at our application. Question: Are there pulumi APIs we can call to do the followings? • Organization management APIs (Create, update, etc.) • User / Profile management APIs (Create, update, associate a user to Organization, etc.) • Access tokens APIs (This can be part of User APIs)
The Pulumi Console has a REST API that powers everything under the hood, e.g. organization and account creation and management. However, they aren’t well suited for the workflow you are talking about. (e.g. creating an organization will start a new free trial, which would then need you to enter payment information, etc. And user creation requires verifying an email address, or using an existing Oauth identity, etc.) But what you are describing is something we’ve gotten requests for before, and I’m certain we could figure out a way to enable the type of thing you are describing. I’d suggest you get in touch with support@pulumi.com, which could then get you tied into the right people. It’ll likely require us getting a better understanding of the specific scenarios you’re looking to power and then adding support for them.