Hi guys ! I have a cluster deployed on Azure (Aks)...
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Hi guys ! I have a cluster deployed on Azure (Aks) vía Pulumi , but for some reason Pulumi keeps applying the configuration without any ‘Pulumi up’ action trigger. Do you have an idea what is happening? Check the image , this just happened out of nothing :(
pretty sure pulumi can’t do anything without being explicitly run. Could it possibly be one of these? 1. Do you have a (possibly misconfigured) trigger running
pulumi up
on some kind of build server? 2. Do you have a forgotten terminal running
pulumi watch
? 3. Did you pipe the output from
pulumi up
to another program, such as
pulumi up | less
? Pulumi auto-accepts changes in non-interactive environments (this will change in v2)
Hi @dry-raincoat-51244 thanks for your reply. Indeed it’s very strange, regarding the options mentioned. #2 and #3 are possible: I did pipe the output to another program and used the Pulumi Watch but that was long time ago ( in December). Is it possible that could be the case ? If so what ca I do ?
I dunno, to be honest. If Pulumi created the resources then I guess you can remove the resources you don’t want from your code (comment them out or something) and run
pulumi preview
to see what will happen?
here’s a link to the piping issue https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/3435
not 100 % sure if it’s published yet or if it’s going to be published in Pulumi 2.0.0 to be honest
Thanks ! I’ll have a look
good luck 🙂
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