Manual step in a Pulumi script I'm trying to perf...
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Manual step in a Pulumi script I'm trying to perform a manual step as part of a deployment script (one-time-password, captcha, etc.), but due to the async nature of Pulumi I haven't succeeded in asking for the manual input as part of the
pulumi up
Has anyone succeeded in a similar project ? Code example would be epic
which language are you using? would setting/reading an env var work, instead of interactive input? that wouldn’t work for either of your examples, sorry 😛
I don’t think we have any examples of this, but i thinkyour best bet is having the manual input come via network i/o as opposed to stdin since the CLI and the language runtime are running in an environment that doesn’t make it really straightforward to get at stdin
@broad-helmet-79436 i mostly work with Pulumi in Python so far
@faint-table-42725 so maybe storing the value in a parameter store of some kind and then Pulumi would poll for it ? Still, the user would have to manually set the value there so that wouldn’t really save me one step
I was hoping to ask for the value as part of the CLI run
I was thinking more like you have a local webserver spin up and you can talk between the Pulumi program and the web server for I/O
so the program can push prompts to the server and receive back replies