```class pulumi_aws.s3.Bucket(resource_name, opts=...
# general
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class pulumi_aws.s3.Bucket(resource_name, opts=None, acceleration_status=None, acl=None, arn=None, bucket=None, bucket_prefix=None, cors_rules=None, force_destroy=None, hosted_zone_id=None, lifecycle_rules=None, loggings=None, object_lock_configuration=None, policy=None, region=None, replication_configuration=None, request_payer=None, server_side_encryption_configuration=None, tags=None, versioning=None, website=None, website_domain=None, website_endpoint=None, __props__=None, __name__=None, __opts__=None)
In this if I pass resource_name as "mybucket" then it create s3 bucket with name "mybucket-677282" is it any way to create bucket with my bucket only. Or any one can suggest me this have policy field so if I pass policy in that "resource" needs the ARN of bucket which is not created with a single call how I can create bucket with attached policy.
Hi @famous-salesmen-28835, I responded to your thread here - https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/CDE799L1M/p1583389109025000.