Is it possible to ignore parts of the stack update...
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Is it possible to ignore parts of the stack update? I’ve just merged a bunch of differrent stacks into one “monostack/repo” because it’s operationally much easier. But sometimes I make some changes to certain classes and I first only want to apply those updates to a certain subset of resources (for instance “staging” resources). Right now I need to diff the
pulumi up
and then manually select and set
. Would be much easier if I could specify a
where I can specify a parent URN and then it and all it’s children won’t get any changes applied. Reason I don’t want different stacks is because staging/production are linked together via a service mesh which bridges between the two and does some cool stuff, so having them in the same
pulumi up
command to manage is much easier.
or even better if in the cli I can select which changes I want to apply
(bit like
yarn --upgrade-interactive
There isn’t an interactive option or ignore/skip CLi flag currently (do feel free to open an issue to suggest it!). One alternative might be to conditionally
(or even conditionally create) the resources in you program based on some config setting that is defined per stack?
is there some way of passing
to ignoreChanges?
I don't believe there is currently - but definitely something that could be added in the future.