i'm also getting `unexpected struct type` trying t...
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i'm also getting
unexpected struct type
trying to return a generated output from a dynamic provider... any ideas?
When you say “return a generated output” what exactly do you mean?
i'm calling an API and it generates a token, i wanted to expose that as a property of the dynamic resource
but then i remembered i've had this before - and it needs a public readonly memberName: pulumi.Output<string>; on the resource class
and it gets filled out automatically, provided you pass that in as the input block to the provider constructor
so i think i've fixed it now
Got it. If you have a repro of what you did that triggered that error originally - I’d love to see it. At the very least it should be a better error message.
i think its actually related to a confusing type annotation on child_process.spawnSync - the return type has stdout: string on it, but in reality it's a Buffer
so i was returning that buffer to the pulumi.Output<string> and then getting a protobuf fail