Hi y’all! I probably broke something, but I’m not ...
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Hi y’all! I probably broke something, but I’m not too sure what I broke 🤔
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$ pulumi --help
error: program failed: missing project name
So when I run any pulumi command, regardless of whether I run the command in a folder with a proper Pulumi config I get the error
missing project name
@green-morning-1318 do you have a
in your project root? does it have a
name: <project-name>
property defined?
yup, I do 🙂
name: acmeserverless-payment
aha! found the issue… for some reason it seems my
go get
added a pulumi binary to my bin folder. That binary got executed when I ran pulumi instead of the binary I expected it to be
That might be something to look into for the Pulumi team. @white-balloon-205 ^
Yes - this is technically "by design", but can be surprising (I've gotten bitten by this myself). We should at the very least clearly document this. But we may also want to require being a little more explicit if you want to use a pre-built binary (setting an option in the
) instead of just something with the right name happening to be on the path. cc @lemon-agent-27707
It does make me feel a little better I’m not the only one 😅