Hi guys, I'm experimenting as usual. Looking at st...
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Hi guys, I'm experimenting as usual. Looking at static websites... got that working FINE... using the container name of $web - then i thought what if i want to tweak the container properties...... so i added a container with that same name.. hoping that pulumi would regnosie it already existed and just bind/map to it... but it get an error. any tips on how you could achieve this?
It sounds like you're wanting Pulumi to import an existing resource? If so, we describe how to do that at https://www.pulumi.com/blog/adopting-existing-cloud-resources-into-pulumi/. But, Pulumi does not do that automatically unless you use the
thanks - i'll give that a go... i think you get the $web container 'for free' when you create a resource group so i may not have much lucky with an import.