Do we have any CircleCI experts here? :thinking_fa...
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Do we have any CircleCI experts here? 🤔 I’m trying to use the Pulumi Orb to update my stack but I get an exception:
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pulumi update --stack retgits/dev --cwd ~/project/pulumi --skip-preview
Updating (dev):
@ Updating....
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error: failed to discover plugin requirements: failed to execute program cmd: exit status 1

Exited with code exit status 255
It runs fine on my Mac, so would anyone have thoughts on how to debug this?
This is Go?
In the previous step, which is a “run” step, I’ve added
pulumi plugin install resource aws 1.24.0
but either that’s not picked up properly or I configured it wrong
This specific error is actually due to some code which was new in
. Do you know if you repro the same issue on
? cc @lemon-agent-27707
Ah! That was the trick 🙂 I set the Pulumi version to 1.12.1 and it works
I think the problem might be that using the newer CLI (1.13) doesn't work for an app built using an older Go SDK (1.12.1). Does that sound like it matches when you were and weren't seeing this?
yes, that does seem about right… I haven’t updated my Go modules to use pulumi 1.13 yet
I believe that would be the issue. The SDK code go codegen was updated in 1.13.0