# general


03/27/2020, 2:17 PM
Hi, I’m currently struggling with Pulumi and the cloudformation stack for my launch configuration (EC2 instances). Whenever I update the launch configuration (let’s say I update the user-data script) then it tries to update the cloud formation stack which timeout after 20 minutes (on the events section of the stack, I can see it’s stuck at Terminating instance(s) [i---------]; replacing with 1 new instance(s)), then it fails and rollback the cloudformation stack and thus I’m stuck with an unhealty stack. Edit : To be more specific, the “AWS:AutoScaling:AutoScalingGroup” ressource is stuck at “UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS” The only solution I have right now is to delete the cloudformation stack, pulumi refresh and then pulumi up which is OK because I’m still aat a development stage so I don’t mind if my EC2 instances are shutdown but it’s not the right solution when everything we’ll be in production. Anyone had this issue or an idea to resolve this? Thank