Pulumi is absolutely amazing :smile: I have writte...
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Pulumi is absolutely amazing 😄 I have written code to automate basically everything that my app needs to work in Kubernetes: cert manager, velero, nginx ingress, postgres clusters, pgadmin, redis, anycable, memcached, csi drivers. Now if I need to rebuild everything from scratch, I first create the Kubernetes cluster with Rancher, and then I run a single
pulumi update
command. Finally, I deploy my app with CI/CD. Super awesome! I am doing some final tests of my code and then I will rebuild my actual cluster this way so I can maintain it with Pulumi in the future
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@famous-kite-69533 you can use pulumi to provision kube clusters as well. it’s probably the easiest way to do EKS, actually.
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For that I've been using Rancher because it has a node driver for Hetzner Cloud and it is super easy and quick. My main problem was that while Kubernetes was deployed in minutes, before I had to run lots of manual commands to set up apps etc, so it's a big difference now 🙂
I didn't find any reference to Hetzner Cloud with regards to Pulumi. But is it true that I could use Terraform providers as well behind the scenes or have I misunderstood?
that’s right, it’s a bit of work to “adopt” TF providers.
but it’s not that hard, and once you do it once, no one else has to do it again
what is the best resource for that to learn and try?
you could probably ask @microscopic-florist-22719 for advice
@famous-kite-69533 I just ported a terraform provider for RKE, so if there's one you're looking to port I'd be happy to work through it with you
here's the one I did recently: https://github.com/jaxxstorm/pulumi-rke
I'll check it out, thanks!