I’m trying to create a pulumi provider for akamai ...
# general
I’m trying to create a pulumi provider for akamai CDN, they have a terraform plugin and I’m using the pulumi-tf-provider-boilerplate template. Somehow the generated TS code misses a closing bracket in the generated data resources TS files (but worked all right in other generated TS files). Anyone know how to investigate this type of issues? Related workaround in my repo: https://github.com/yliu-d/pulumi-akamai/commit/aeb5ad3f17be443dd41379cce493bf669807b97e
That's really surprising. Do you have a link to the generated code?
you can checkout this revision and run the regular build script: https://github.com/yliu-d/pulumi-akamai/commit/7817e1eb89fa1c29e1a28afd8cb1cec4cc8a1ba9
I have to use some of the old pulumi libraries as akamai terraform provider is not using the latest terraform plugin system: https://github.com/yliu-d/pulumi-akamai/commit/baf553193fdd49ae4eef22e90ce6adfaf5920a8c
not sure if that’s related to the issue