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repeating the question from above:
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Hi everyone -- quick question: I'm using my own S3 bucket as a backend for Pulumi states. Now, I want to have multiple projects that have same stack names, for example project1 dev, project2 dev, project3 dev, etc. , however once I'm logged in my S3 bucket I can only have unique stack names, which is fine, but then in each of the projects my stacks will need to be named project1-dev, project2-dev, etc. Is there a way to have same stack names across multiple projects?
I remember there was a gh issue about this, where in S3 backend stacks are keyed by stack name only, if you have same stack name across multiple projects, they will share the same key in S3 backend, which won’t work
yup, that's the problem I'm trying to solve 🙂
it works when the project is using Pulumi's backend