Hi, I've been following Pulumi's progress for a wh...
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Hi, I've been following Pulumi's progress for a while now and finally have to sometime dedicated at evaluating Pulumi to see if it meets our use-cases. What I am trying to do is have Pulumi manage common cluster services (services that are always available and should be in sync across all clusters) for example, ELK stack, nginx ingress, cert-manager, etc...a lot of third-party apps. The questions i have are around the
SDK for nodejs. 1. i know it can load a yaml manifest and deploy it - i take it that i can retrieve a remote file from a public source, customize it with some other configs and deploy it? since it's nodejs it should be possible 🙂 2. since most of these are third-party, they are provided as a helm chart or kustomize. with helm chart i see that pulumi has first-class support for it, for kustomize is it possible to achieve the same result as helm and providing custom overrides?
1. Yes, you can use the
property to make arbitrary changes to YAML and Helm Charts before they are applied to the cluster. The sources can also be remote, or local files. 2. We don’t yet have first-class support for kustomize, but you can generate the YAML from kustomize (perhaps as a step in CI), and then manage it with Pulumi.
thanks for the info @gorgeous-egg-16927, going to do more reading...and see what i can find on the site