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@white-balloon-205 @microscopic-florist-22719 I'm absolutely thrilled to report that our test suite of over 700 unit tests that took 15-20 minutes to run, after rewriting everything to use the new monitor mock feature, has been reduced to 17 seconds!!! We couldn't be happier. Thank you so much for this! cc @gentle-diamond-70147 @big-piano-35669
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15 minutes to 17 seconds is amazing!!
and it's not just runtime. start time has reduced dramatically — we didn't realize how much overhead our old style of testing was costing at startup. i'm used to waiting 10-20 seconds to see anything—before tests even start—now i'm getting a full readout on an individual spec in 3 seconds. 2s startup + 500ms to run. It's so great.
@worried-engineer-33884 we need to thank you for this as well - you helped us drive this solution to completion :)
Thanks Paul! It's really fulfilling to see our collaboration pay off.
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