hey! i'm trying to diagnose some very slow perform...
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hey! i'm trying to diagnose some very slow performance when updating multiple resources in kubernetes - i get a lot of hanging with no activity, and very slow resource modification times (~41 minutes to delete 137 resources). i've taken a trace, but i'm unable to view it in any browser, as it end up crashing my machine after using all my memory (32GB!) to load the trace. is anyone able to help or give some pointers? i'm happy to share the trace if required
Curious - are you on a recent Pulumi CLI version? There were fixes for some significant performance issues with large number of resources ~2 months ago. Happy to try to look at the trace as well if you want to DM me - though if it’s that large I may have problems analyzing as well.
i'm on
and the latest NPM package versions! thanks though - i'll DM you the trace just in case you are able to open it
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