I have run into an odd pulumi question. When I try...
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I have run into an odd pulumi question. When I try to runĀ 
pulumi up
, I get
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  aws:route53:Record (newDnsAlias-rw):
    error: Duplicate resource URN 'urn:pulumi:qa-red::eks-cluster::aws:route53/record:Record::newDnsAlias-rw'; try giving it a unique name
If I export the stack, that urn is not listed. Even if I just search for
in the export, it is not found. If I try to delete it, it says it doesn't exist.
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$ pulumi state delete 'urn:pulumi:qa-red::eks-cluster::aws:route53/record:Record::newDnsAlias-rw'
 warning: This command will edit your stack's state directly. Confirm? Yes
error: No such resource "urn:pulumi:qa-red::eks-cluster::aws:route53/record:Record::newDnsAlias-rw" exists in the current state
Pulumi v1.14.1 Node v12.16.1 aws cli 1.18.39 kubectl v1.18.1 package.json has
flag for everything except typescript. Let me know if you need anything from
. Writing everything in
. Any insights?
I am guessing this is a new resource that would be created on up but two resources are being created with the same name which is why you get that error.
So it wont show in the state cause they don't exist yet but you get the error cause it would create two with the same name.
There are not two in the code. Each new route53 call has a unique name.