<@UHTP242EB> Found a rather worrying bug: The out...
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@broad-dog-22463 Found a rather worrying bug: The output of pulumi up/preview tells me this:
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error: no resource plugin 'gcp-v1.4.5' found in the workspace or on your $PATH, install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource gcp v1.4.5`
Now, when I run this command I run into a different error:
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> pulumi plugin install resource gcp v1.4.5                                                                       ~/Graphmasters/pummeleinhorn/tests/basic_deployment(cloud-dns-records-108✗)@Nilss-MBP.fritz.box
[resource plugin gcp-1.4.5] installing
error: [resource plugin gcp-1.4.5] downloading from <https://api.pulumi.com/releases/plugins>: 404 HTTP error fetching plugin from <https://api.pulumi.com/releases/plugins/pulumi-resource-gcp-v1.4.5-darwin-amd64.tar.gz>
Is there a workaround? Greetings and have a nice day!
What version of the gcp provider are you using? We are at >2.0.0
@broad-dog-22463 I’ve tried it with the current
@pulumi/gcp: 2.13.0
version (checked in
). But it’s an indirect dependency from our module. Here’s the longer whole output from CircleCI. It works locally without this error message.
That's a package from November 2019 - I have just ran the command
pulumi plugin install resource gcp v1.6.0
and was able to get the package
are you able to find out where in the package-lock file gcp 1.6.0 is?
@broad-dog-22463 There’s no
gcp 1.6.0
in the
. I’ve searched for
and only found
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"@pulumi/kubernetes": {
                    "version": "1.6.0",
pulumi plugin install resource gcp v1.6.0
works here (in comparison to
what Nils mentioned). Still, why do we need this? I mean @gentle-diamond-70147 recently mentioned that this shouldn’t be needed normally.