I'm thinking about doing crazy project in pulumi, ...
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I'm thinking about doing crazy project in pulumi, please tell me that I'm a too much of a dreamer 🙂 The idea is to build a microservices infrastracture in GKE with dynamic dev envirment. Which means that we have 10+ microservices in diffrent repos written in JS and we want every developer to create his own environment . The idea is to have 2 type of pulumi configuration: 1. in repo
that will have 3 stacks (dev/staging/prod), each stack configures diffrent GCP project 2. in each repo it will be a folder called
which will have pulumi configration for dynamic env. So if Joe wants environment he will trigger some script that will go across all repos and create env for him joe.env.company.dev where he can work on it Am I going a right direction? I'm afraid I'll stumble on something unexpected so I ask here...
Sounds reasonable to me!
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but how would you orgnaze in term of stacks and projects?