How can I specify in `.pulumi/ci.json` to use pro...
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How can I specify in
to use production stack on release tag instead of master branch for Github Actions?
Hey @high-morning-17948, can you elaborate a bit? I'm not following.
I followed this documentation for creating the deployment pipeline with pulumi and github actions: It works great when having develop branch for the development pulumi stack and the master branch for the pulumi production stack. I want to have the master branch for the development stack and use the release tag in github for the production stack. I can specify that in the github actions workflows, but couldn't find any documentation in pulumi for the ci.json with releases tag that the pulumi/actions docker uses for creating the stack based on the branch name.
Ah, no, looks like we don't support tags in the
You can specify
in your GH Action workflow file though. So you could manually map them that way.
Thanks for the response. I'll take a look at it and find a way to add it.