hi, maybe I missed something, but is there a way t...
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hi, maybe I missed something, but is there a way to set/import/load config/secret values in bulk? I'm asking because my playground project is getting more and more configuration and secret values and creating a new stack is getting annoying. Or can I maybe copy config/secets from another stack? I also startet to use nested config values. Is there no way to set the whole complex config value from e.g. a JSON string?
You can always store a JSON encoded string as a single config value, and then parse that from within your program. I agree we could probably provide better tooling here. I'll let others in the community speak to workarounds they use. Would you mind creating an issue that details some of your requirements and pain points you're hitting?
I should have done better research. I have now found an existing issue (unfortunately open) that describes my use case: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/1583
Workarounds would be interesting. Anyone?