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04/23/2020, 11:50 AM
Moving projects / stacks into a new account (pulumi managed backend). Is import/export the way to go? What about secrets?
I have some projects in my personal account that I would like to transfer into a different one that already exists. So this is not about moving into an organization I am part of.
What is the general way to accomplish that? Can I create a new project / stack in the new account, export the stack from the old one, login to the new account and import it there?
I know about different encryption keys per stack, which will also apply here. I’m fine with overwriting the configuration after the stack is imported. I’m wondering what happens to resources that are created inside the stack, marked as secret and are exported, e.g. a kubeconfig or a
. My assumption would be that those are encrypted with the same secret that is used for the config values. What happens with those outputs? I cannot imagine how those could be re-encrypted as the old key is unknown…


04/23/2020, 2:53 PM
If the stack already exists in the Pulumi SaaS backend, and you're moving it to another organization in the Pulumi SaaS backend, then you can use the TRANSFER STACK button on the stack's settings page to move the stack and the SaaS handles this for you.


04/23/2020, 3:54 PM
Is there a way to do this when transferring from one regular account to another? I noticed some issues when I tried to import the stack on the other side (ran an empty up for the stack name there)
not sure if this 404 is due to security (as my export still contained the old user)
Transferring via UI is not possible as I’m not a member of the target organization.
Any pulumi staff can give advice here? Is there a way to transfer a stack from one user to another without being a member of a shared org? I’d like to perform that for some test-projects I created in my personal account…