Hi. Do cross project references (using StackRefere...
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Hi. Do cross project references (using StackReference) just allow access to resources in other projects or do they also provide a level of resource dependency awareness i.e. is Pulumi aware of a relationship between projects? For example if I have a simple 2 project setup where 1. Project1 creates a cloud container (e.g. an Azure Resource Group) and outputs its ID 2. Project2 reads in the container ID outputted by Project1 and creates a resource inside it Does Pulumi know about the dependency and refuse to run a "pulumi destroy" against Project1 resources while Project2 is depending on them? In my tests this wasn't the case and I could destroy Project1, breaking Project2 by removing resources it depended on. Is there any way to achieve this dependency for separate projects?
Pulumi does track the dependencies between stacks, but does not yet enforce any policy related to that - like preventing deleting a resource that is indirectly depended on by another stack. There are several layers of things we’ve considered adding here to allow coordinating deployments across stacks - even as far as something like https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi/issues/2209.
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