Question: I am getting a timeout error on updating...
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Question: I am getting a timeout error on updating cloudformation/stack. I am not finding the resource in AWS console to find out why pulumi is getting a timeout: My URN:
updating urn:<stack name>::awsx:x:autoscaling:AutoScalingGroup$aws:cloudformation/stack:Stack::<resource name>: timeout while waiting for state to become 'CREATE_COMPLETE, UPDATE_COMPLETE, UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE, UPDATE_ROLLBACK_FAILED' (last state: 'UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS', timeout: 20m0s)
I attempted to put
{ customTimeouts: { create: "45m", update: "45m" } }
The timeout didn't help. Any idea what I missing?
I don't see an ASG in the console. I can create an ASG from the launch config manually in the console. When I use pulumi I get this error.
When you run pulumi up, do you see the ASG being built? If not, I presume there is a resoure config error
Or since this is a Cloudformation Stack, you should see that stack in an updating state. If not resource config error pulumi side
When I run pulumi up, it wants to: update -> cloudformation:stack. create -> autoscaling:attachment Then, when I apply the up, it: deletes launchconfiguration
completing deletion from previous update
It never builds the ASG. I see the launch configuration in a built state. I am not sure where to find the cloudformation stack in the console. Nevermind I found it I will wait to see what happens after this update
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