Does anyone else find that Pulumi is incredibly sl...
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Does anyone else find that Pulumi is incredibly slow? I am using just the Kubernetes integration with the latest version to manage just a few deployments. It takes ages just to do the preview and then another long time to apply the changes... I am using a stack with some config if that matters.
How many resources are in your stack and how many resources are changing during these slow updates? Also - are you using relatively recent versions of Pulumi (from the last month or so)? If you could follow the steps at and send me the trace in DM - we can look into it.
Hi @white-balloon-205 For example I was trying to get haproxy ingress to work, and because of some mistakes it took ages to get it installed because each attempt really took a long time. I will check that out, thanks
how do I check the number of resources?
If you run
pulumi stack
, the output will show something like
Current stack resources (123)
. To know the number of changed resources a
pulumi preview
it will show:
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    + 1 to create
    ~ 3 to update
    4 changes. 9 unchanged
Hi @gentle-diamond-70147 it seems that I have 183 resources total