05/03/2020, 2:25 PM
Hey everyone, I'm getting following error after upgrading to 2.1: `error: could not load plugin for digitalocean provider 'urnpulumistaging:wegrouppulumiprovidersdigitalocean:default_2_1_0_alpha_1586903880': no resource plugin 'digitalocean-v2.1.0-alpha.1586903880' found in the workspace or on your $PATH, install the plugin using `pulumi plugin install resource digitalocean v2.1.0-alpha.1586903880`` Now installing with above command didn't work:
error: [resource plugin digitalocean-2.1.0-alpha.1586903880] downloading from <>: 404 HTTP error fetching plugin from <>
How do i fix this? Preferrably i'd actually use
pulumi plugin install resource digitalocean 2.3.0
if possible.