Hi guys, first time here sorry for coming straight...
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Hi guys, first time here sorry for coming straight up with a question. I used to get my cloud-init files pre-formatted with python to initialise my swarm and on the latest update it doesn't work anymore. I'm just wondering if it's a bug of if people have a better way to do this hence the drop of support for this. What I was doing is returning the ScaleSet in an Output.all, but now it just never creates the scalesets anymore. Here is some pseudo code of what I'm doing:
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def get_cloud_init(param1, param2, param3):
    with open('cloud-init.sh') as f:
        return f.read().format(param1=param1, param2=param2, param3=param3)

def swarm_scaleset(role, count=1, instance_type=None):
    return pulumi.Output.all(param1, param2, param3).apply(
        lambda args: az.compute.ScaleSet(
                'custom_data': get_cloud_init(*args),

managers = swarm_scaleset('manager', 3, 'Standard_B1ms')
workers = swarm_scaleset('worker', 10, 'Standard_B1ms')
How do people handle this scenario usually?