So here is my first question: feel free to direct ...
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So here is my first question: feel free to direct me to the corresponding docs or FAQ item if I missed something 🙂 What is your best practice to manage / organise stacks and the code? Specifically: I created a script which manage my dns zones in AWS Route53. I also saved this to a git repo, done. Now my next thing would be to create another script to manage docker containers in ECS. But where should I put this? I am afraid I will lock myself if I create everything in the same stack / repo, because when I intend to delete some portion of my resources (let’s say ECS this case) with `pulumi destroy`I would kill everything (including my dns zones). Do you usually create new repo / stack for each resources?
I would recommend organizing stacks based on dependencies and business capabilities. If, say, a given ECS container relies on a DNS entry, then those probably belong in the same stack. Segregating by resource type is very arbitrary, and steals a lot of the power of Pulumi away from you, since you don't have the opportunity to build a resource based on the outputs of another resource
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That makes a lot of sense, thanks