i can’t even get the basic “getting started” with ...
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i can’t even get the basic “getting started” with AWS to deploy
@aloof-engine-23345 What is the full error-message? Please use a code-snippet for it.
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pulumi:pulumi:Stack (quickstart-test):
    /usr/local/bin/node[90064]: ../src/env.cc:435:virtual node::Environment::~Environment(): Assertion `(base_object_count()) == (0)' failed.
     1: 0x100b8ff9a node::Abort() (.cold.1) [/usr/local/bin/node]
     2: 0x1000832c4 node::FatalError(char const*, char const*) [/usr/local/bin/node]
     3: 0x10008307c node::AppendExceptionLine(node::Environment*, v8::Local<v8::Value>, v8::Local<v8::Message>, node::ErrorHandlingMode) [/usr/local/bin/node]
     4: 0x10003e4bc node::Environment::~Environment() [/usr/local/bin/node]
     5: 0x10003e606 node::Environment::~Environment() [/usr/local/bin/node]
     6: 0x1000b4ac2 node::NodeMainInstance::Run() [/usr/local/bin/node]
     7: 0x100060f13 node::Start(int, char**) [/usr/local/bin/node]
     8: 0x7fff6e62bcc9 start [/usr/lib/system/libdyld.dylib]
    error: an unhandled error occurred: Program exited with non-zero exit code: -1
sorry didn’t see note about snippet… one sec
It’s ok. It was already reported here. Would be good if you try the mentioned workaround one-by-one and report what fixed it.
gotcha, my guess would be node version… let me try bumping to the latest
BTW: There’s the #typescript channel for more specific questions.