- I get the same errors during the initial deploym...
# general
• I get the same errors during the initial deployment as well as updates. • Other resources are consistently deploying without issues • Pulumi fails on the exception, then AWS successfully deploys the Lambda, leaving Pulumi without the correct state • Deployments using the same stack, branch, and AWS credentials from other machines/connections do not face the same error • I started having this issue with an older 1.x version and have since updated to 2.1.0. • There was a thread started a few days ago that looks like the same issue. https://pulumi-community.slack.com/archives/CJ909TL6P/p1588234271145800
doesn't solve the issue. Here is the index.js code that I'm producing the error with
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const aws = require( '@pulumi/aws' );
const awsx = require( '@pulumi/awsx' );

const api = new awsx.apigateway.API( 'some-name', {
	routes: [ {
		path: '/something',
		method: 'POST',
		eventHandler: new aws.lambda.CallbackFunction( 'lambda-test', {
			memorySize: 128,
			callback: ( event ) => {
				console.log( event );
			description: 'Some description',
		} ),
	} ],
} );

return {
	url: api.url,