Hello guys. I have asked this already, just wanted...
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Hello guys. I have asked this already, just wanted to check if anything has changed. There is a Postgresql Pulumi resource package: https://github.com/pulumi/pulumi-postgresql. How can one provide a cert, a key, and a ca cert to use ssl mode "verify-ca" or "verify-full"? I use Python SDK, but there is a documentation for nodejs https://www.pulumi.com/docs/reference/pkg/nodejs/pulumi/postgresql/index.html#ProviderArgs-sslMode. However, I couldn't find any documentation about certificates there.
There’s an issue with our docs here - can you open an issue and I can fix it?
I’m checking our provider code right now
@better-actor-92669 so the postgres provider is missing some code that allows the passing of client certificates
I am looking at why right now
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@broad-dog-22463, sorry, what should I create an issue for? I think the documentation is fine, it is just missing a feature :)
yeah that's what the issue would be for in pulumi-postgresql
to suggest it's missing a feature
ah okay. Sure, I can do it
@broad-dog-22463, is there a workaround for now?
there isn't 😕 It's not implemented in the version weuse
I am looking to see if I can upgrade
we might be able to depend on master
thanks @broad-dog-22463