These Output<T> stuff is one of the most fru...
# general
These Output<T> stuff is one of the most frustrating experiences I have with Pulumi. For example:
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const sshKey = config.requireSecret("admin_pub_key");
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const userData = `
  - name: ${adminUser}
      - ${sshKey}
    sudo: ['ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL']
    groups: sudo
    shell: /bin/bash
It complains that it cant call toString on an Output<T> object on the "sshKey" variable. I just want get the string value from the secret. As simple as that! Note that in this example I am already inside a string literal. I have tried to create a new variable, following the instructions of using pulumi interpolate, but get the same message. If someone can enlighten me on this, I would be greatfull.