Hi everyone! I'm curious, does Pulumi offer any "e...
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Hi everyone! I'm curious, does Pulumi offer any "escape hatches" by which I can grab the underlying AWS API client (TypeScript) to perform some post-provisioning fixups on provisioned infrastructure?
My use case is, I'm provisioning an EKS cluster and would like to modify the egress rules on the autogenerated security group.
Can't you pre create the SG then supply it to the cluster and then apply the rules?
I haven't looked at the AWS EKS offering but that's effectively what I do in Azure AKS 🙂
Not right now; the SG is autogenerated and (right now) it's not possible to prevent it.
We used to do things differently but changed it late last year to accommodate managed node groups
You should be able to add the rules to the SG after creation
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const example = new aws.ec2.SecurityGroupRule("example", {
    type: "ingress",
    fromPort: 0,
    toPort: 65535,
    protocol: "tcp",
    cidrBlocks: aws_vpc.example.cidr_block,
    securityGroupId: "sg-123456",
apologies, it's not answering your original question re escape hatches 🙂
for those following along, Michael and I were chatting elsewhere and we also chatted internally and think dynamic providers are the best bet: https://www.pulumi.com/blog/dynamic-providers/
@kind-mechanic-53546 in this case, it's a bit trickier since I need to remove an existing rule
ouch, that's a bit more tricky