Does anyone have an example of creating an Aws Aur...
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Does anyone have an example of creating an Aws Aurora cluster with read replicas? I have a cluster, and cluster instance, and cluster end point defined, but I don't see how to tag one of the instances as 'writer' false (it's a readonly output).
I think in Aurora, you use a readerEndpoint for read-only access to a non-read replica cluster.
You can create a whole new cluster that is a read replica of another cluster...
But (as I understand it) Aurora manages the instances within a cluster, you don't choose some to be read replicas.
okay, so If I wanted 5 read replicas, would I need to create 5 reader endpoints?
As I understand it, you don't worry about replicas within the cluster. Give (e.g.) 10 instances to Aurora, and it sorts the read-instances itself, if it needs them. You just connect your readonly applications to the (one) readerEndpoint, and your write applications to other endpoints. Then let Aurora work its ML-type analysis and it figures it all out for you.
Note that this is based on a few posts I've read, I've never used Aurora.. can't wait to try though...
thanks for the info -- I need to do some research it sounds like. 🙂
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Thanks Tenwit -- adding multiple ClusterInstances was what I needed. Thanks for the heads up.