Does anyone have tried <
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Does anyone have tried ? It looks simple but I’m not getting through it. with some errors like attached image, but I’ve got through prerequite eks-nginx quite smoothly.
that error seems to indicate that your deployment hasn't come up because it wasn't able to attach a PVC. Where is your cluster deployed? Do you have a storage class deployed, did your persistent volumes get created?
ah, I notice it's in EKS. Can you show my the output of
kubectl get storageclasses
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$ kubectl get storageclasses 

NAME                                PROVISIONER             AGE
gp2 (default)                       <|>   125m
helloworld-gp2-dqzz6skn (default)   <|>   123m I’ve followed this tutorial, and reused working eks cluster as provider for jenkins (i’ve copied jenkins.ts )
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export const instance = new jenkins.Instance({
    name: 'jenkins',
    credentials: {
        username: config.require("username"),
        password: config.require("password"),
    resources: {
        memory: "512Mi",
        cpu: "100m",
}, { provider: cluster.provider });
originally there was no provider, and that failed either with similiar error
I wondered how that jenkins class can be deployed into existing eks cluster without specifying the cluster