Does anyone know what version of Helm Pulumi uses?...
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Does anyone know what version of Helm Pulumi uses? I am using Typescript and there only seems to be a
module. Does use Helm 3 or Helm 2?
I think it has a custom implementation that do what Helm does for the normal and v2 talks with tiller API
The v2 part is speculation, I have no basis for that
im using the typescript libs and both v2 and v3 are available
Pulumi uses whatever Helm binary you have installed, and doesn’t use Tiller at all. API docs cover this in more detail:
(The v2 and v3 packages are identical for now; you can use either one)
Actually, looks like those docs are incomplete. Here’s the docstring from the SDK:
Yes, it seems to use whatever helm binary it finds on your system 👍
With Helm3, Tiller is gone: