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05/22/2020, 6:03 PM
after after running
pulumi up
successfully, subsequent runs are producing this error:
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~   ├─ aws:rds:Cluster              rds-cluster-patient-access-prod  **updating failed**     [diff: ~availabilityZones]; 1 error
     ├─ aws:autoscaling:Group        app-services                     **failed**              1 error
     └─ aws:autoscaling:Group        edge-services                    **failed**              1 error

  aws:autoscaling:Group (app-services):
    error: transport is closing

  aws:autoscaling:Group (edge-services):
    error: transport is closing

  aws:rds:Cluster (rds-cluster-patient-access-prod):
    error: transport is closing

  pulumi:pulumi:Stack (aws-prod):
    error: update failed

    panic: fatal: An assertion has failed: Expected diff to not require deletion or replacement during Update of urn:pulumi:prod::aws::aws:rds/cluster:Cluster::rds-cluster-patient-access-prod
I'm not making any changes to the cluster or related resources (availability zones, auto scaling groups).. any ideas?
I think this is likely the cause: I only have two AZs for my data subnets