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05/24/2020, 7:36 AM
I'm getting this error for any lambda I'm trying to create:
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error: Error creating Lambda function: ResourceConflictException: Function already exist: ****-8d56ff7
      RespMetadata: {
        StatusCode: 409,
        RequestID: "a4e2508b-7d19-43cc-93db-e08b1f64914e"
      Message_: "Function already exist: ***-8d56ff7",
      Type: "User"
I tried using --refresh, recreating the stack, switching to a different account. The lambda is actually created even when this error occur Looking at the AWS cloudtrail events, I see that CreateFunction is called twice, with a 2 min difference(the time it takes to create it). Using the latest pulumi version, anyone knows how to resolve? As a workaround I'm quickly deleting the lambda before the 2nd time it creates it, and that seems to make the pulumi update finish successfully


05/26/2020, 4:47 AM
Could you please provide some of the code you’re using that causes this?


05/26/2020, 5:53 AM
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import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws';
import { QueueEventSubscription, QueueEvent } from '@pulumi/aws/sqs';
import { lambdaRole } from '../../iam_roles/lambda_role';
const region = aws.config.requireRegion();

const queue = new aws.sqs.Queue('emailNotifications', {
  visibilityTimeoutSeconds: 240
const callback = new aws.lambda.CallbackFunction<QueueEvent, QueueEventSubscription>('emailNotification', {
  role: lambdaRole,
  codePathOptions: {
    extraExcludePackages: ['typescript']
  callback: (e, _context, callback) => {
    const aws = require('aws-sdk');
    const ses = new aws.SES({ region });

    for (let record of e.Records) {
      const { subject, body, from, to } = JSON.parse(record.body);
      console.log('Record:', record.body);
      const params = {
        Destination: {
          ToAddresses: to
        Message: {
          Body: {
            Text: { Data: body }

          Subject: { Data: subject }
        Source: from

      ses.sendEmail(params, function(err, data) {
        callback(err, data);
queue.onEvent('onEmailNotification', callback);

export const emailNotificationQueue = queue;
This is just one component, but it gets the same error when creating the lambda


05/26/2020, 4:53 PM
Thanks — I’ll try to take a look later today
I couldn’t repro this
Running the code, I get just one function creation — is it possible you have this source referenced multiple times?