Hi, I'm fairly new to Pulumi and I've started to b...
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Hi, I'm fairly new to Pulumi and I've started to build bits of our test infrastructure with it, using locally stored state. Unfortunately it seems that I've lost the state passphrase. What options do I have here? Is the whole state lost?
The state file itself will still be available in the Pulumi SaaS and other backend types. The entire state is not encrypted, only any values, inputs, outputs, etc that are marked as secret. Config secrets are not recoverable without the original passphrase. You can potentially migrate your state to a new stack (with new passphrase) by changing the secrets provider. Those steps are detailed at https://www.pulumi.com/docs/intro/concepts/config/#changing-the-secrets-provider-for-a-stack. You will need to adjust those steps as you cannot use
without the passphrase. This will be a manual process, modifying your state file directly, so it might be easier/quicker to start over if this is not a critical stack.
Thanks. It's not essential, I just need to reimport those few resources that I have created before.
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