hrm somehow i got to a state where an aws policy w...
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hrm somehow i got to a state where an aws policy was created, attempted to update/rename it via the Name property and it was deleted (presumably has be delete-then-create).. and now i have no policy (lab account so nothing else in this account at the current time) however pulumi still thinks it should exist
Can you elaborate on this? What were the specific steps you did and what error or output you're getting?
I had a
defined; it logged as successfully created, etc - i later had an update to change the
property of it, but the update failed..
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aws:iam:Policy (cyberdyneDataWriter):
    error: deleting urn:pulumi:dev::data-archive::aws:iam/policy:Policy::cyberdyneDataWriter: Error listing versions for IAM policy arn:aws:iam::123404803574:policy/cyberdyneDataWriter: NoSuchEntity: Policy arn:aws:iam::123404803574:policy/cyberdyneDataWriter does not exist or is not attachable
i’ll see if I can reproduce it
Ok i reproduced it .. consider this:
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package main

import (


func main() {
        pulumi.Run(func(ctx *pulumi.Context) error {
                policy, err := iam.NewPolicy(ctx, "pulumiTestPolicy", &iam.PolicyArgs{
                        Name: pulumi.String("pulumiTestPolicy"),
                        Policy: pulumi.String(`{
                                "Version": "2012-10-17",
                                "Statement": [
                                                "Sid": "ListAll",
                                                "Effect": "Allow",
                                                 "Action": [
                                                "Resource": "*"
                if err != nil {

                // Export the name of the bucket
                ctx.Export("policyARN", policy.Arn)
                return nil
if i just change the
and run
pulumi up
, all is good and the old policy is deleted and a new one with the new name is created as expected
If i change the
and introduce an error at the same time such as a typo in the policy itself, it will delete the old policy and fail to create the new one - but Pulumi still tracks that the old policy exists and so even fixing the policy JSON fails as it can no-longer delete the policy it believes still exists
@gentle-diamond-70147 does this seem like a bug? was surprised to find myself in a state where the resource disappeared altogether without warning (especially as the Pulumi state machine is unaware of it)
Yes, if Pulumi is losing track of the resource's status, that sounds like a bug. Can you open an issue with your code and steps to reproduce at ?