Is there a property that lets you get the security...
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Is there a property that lets you get the security group ID of the EKS created security group on a worker node created with aws.eks.NodeGroup?
There's a security group attached to EC2 instances that are created from a NodeGroup that have this description:
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EKS created security group applied to ENI that is attached to EKS Control Plane master nodes, as well as any managed workloads.
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to get the security group ID on the instances.
I have tried both of these:
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Neither represent the ID of the security group actually attached to the k8s worker nodes.
After exporting my stack, I can see the security group ID I'm after in a path
The vpcConfig property does not exist on the interfaces though 🤔
There must be a way to get the vpcConfig off a cluster right???
Found it! Woot!
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