I get "InvalidParameterException: Invalid Region i...
# general
I get "InvalidParameterException: Invalid Region in ARN" when doing
pulumi destroy
. Checked the yaml and the region is correct. I think it may have been caused by me changing the region and the attempting a
pulumi up
that failed. Now, no matter what region i set in the config, it gives that error. Can anyone help please?
Can you share more details on the error? What ARN does it report, and/or what is the resource that triggers this? To workaround you may need to export your statefile and see where that invalid ARN exists and either remove the resource manually or fix up its ARN (depending on what the real state of the infrastructure is that you are trying to match). But it shouldn’t really be possible to get into this state - so if you know how you did - opening an issue in GitHub would be helpful.