I've tried to use the `pulumi/pulumi` Docker image...
# general
I've tried to use the
Docker image in my CI/CD process, but I've noticed its size is approximately 3GB 😲. Now, I'll probably build my own slimmer image, but I'm curious, if I'm using Pulumi with a TypeScript project, what runtime dependencies do I need except the Pulumi executable and nodejs? Let's say I'm only targeting Azure in my code. Will I need the
executable to be present on
I certainly shouldn't be needing the Go or .NET SDKs, right? Which are embedded in the official Pulumi image.
i've made some smaller images here: https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/jaxxstorm/pulumi the source for them is here: https://github.com/jaxxstorm/pulumi-docker
it depends on what your needs are. these images are very minimal and are designed to be used as base images
Oh, awesome! It's already better since I've got output from
pulumi -h
in my GitLab pipeline, which wasn't possible with the official image. Thanks!
Not sure what my future needs are, for the moment I just want to get some scaffoling up.