is it possible to reference remote pulumi stack, e...
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is it possible to reference remote pulumi stack, e,g, one in s3? StackReference seems to only reference stacks in the same backend
Yes, but you'll have to do the namespacing yourself. see this thread and linked blog post:
I am not sure if it is related to my question. I want to reference a remote stack, e.g. residing in a backend different than the current one, and I see no way to specify a different backend to stackreference
let's say currently I use a stack from s3 backend and I want to reference a stack in google cloud
a quote from suggests that it is not possible:
StackReference currently can only work across stacks all managed by the same backend
@white-balloon-205 could you please confirm that this is currently not possible?
Oh, sorry. I misunderstood your question.
it's currently not possible, I'm afraid
It's not possible with
, but you can use the S3 SDK to retrieve the state and parse it yourself.
I see, thanks
unfortunately I need a generic way, so probably the only option right now is to parse outputs of one pulumi stack and provide the result as input to another one