Dear All, I have a problem with creating EKS clust...
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Dear All, I have a problem with creating EKS cluster using Pulumi. I receive this error:
accure1/xxxxxx-xxxxx/dev (pulumi:pulumi:Stack)
error: update failed
xxxxxx-eks-cluster (aws:eks:Cluster)
error: 1 error occurred:
* creating urn:pulumi:dev::xxxxx-xxxxx::aws:eks/cluster:Cluster::xxxxx-eks-cluster: 1 error occurred:
* AccessDeniedException:
status code: 403, request id: 4d642e75-03cc-4a60-ab0d-34911e23a39f
When i looked at the CloudTrail i see no error code. So all resources are created. Moreover, the error indicate creating "urnpulumidev". Could you pls help me to remove this error I also can not destroy the created resources:
pulumi:pulumi:Stack (xxxxx-xxxxxx-dev):
error: update failed
aws:eks:Cluster (xxxxxx-eks-cluster):
error: deleting urn:pulumi:dev::xxxxx-xxxx::aws:eks/cluster:Cluster::xxxxx-eks-cluster: 1 error occurred:
* error waiting for EKS Cluster (xxxxxxx-eks-cluster-c0130d5) deletion: AccessDeniedException:
status code: 403, request id: f81c9336-3a10-40d2-8c2a-fbc76018ce6f
I guess the IAM user or role you are using to provision with Pulumi does not have the right access rights to create an EKS cluster or one of its components.
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This is an error returned by the AWS API.
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So that error message is coming back from AWS. We can only show you what they send us. AWS has docs explaining what you need to set up IAM-wise here: If you're just getting started, you can probably create a user with admin access and that will help you. You'll need to lock down access as you move on though
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