# general


03/14/2021, 5:56 PM
Heh.. it's been a bit of a fun journey for me these past two days with pulumi, I finally got everything to a state I'm happy with, then decided I felt like cleaning it up a bit in preparation for sharing it with the rest of the org (who are desperate for some iaac love, and skeptical towards pulumi, but they'll take whatever works at this point - and my stack works <3). So queue my Nth project - it works, everything is fine, but I "can't call it that" before I push it to git.. so.. I decide to rename my stack. And while I'm at it, my project too (called it "modularity" which is fine, but means nothing to the company who needs to "love" it). Long story short - I lost my stack 😄 doesn't show up in pulumi ls anymore. I have the code, and I had just recently done a
pulumi stack export
as well for safety, so that was good..