Is there a way to recover (in the sense that it sh...
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Is there a way to recover (in the sense that it should delete whatever it can and ignore changed k8s providers) from an error like
resource urn:pulumi:production::bpaas-clusters::bpaas:cluster$eks:index:Cluster$kubernetes:core/v1:ConfigMap::eks-india-nodeAccess refers to unknown provider urn:pulumi:production::bpaas-clusters::bpaas:cluster$eks:index:Cluster$pulumi:providers:kubernetes::eks-india-eks-k8s::2751b010-74ca-42d6-963b-c23775d863d5
I was playing around with my nodegroup/eks setup and for some reason it freaked out and replaced the provider breaking already deployed resources. the json file is huge so manually removing resources is a pain
In your exported stack, could you make an identical copy of a working provider, and change its ID/URN? I'm not sure that aliases work for providers... they would be perfect for this if they did...
I thought they did
Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to Alias azure-nextgen to azure-native....
Ah good, then that's the way to go!
I think :)