are there any plans for a Snowflake provider in Pu...
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are there any plans for a Snowflake provider in Pulumi? I can see there's already a terraform provider however I"ve not used it so not sure how complete or suitable it is
We've had quite a few requests for this - so I expect we'll be adding it relatively soon. If you see anything for your use-case that isn't supported in the existing Terraform provider - do let us know, as I'd guess the nearest term path would be to enable using the existing Terraform provider from Pulumi.
thanks Luke, good to hear. do you have any rough ETAs? we're about to start a project to deploy Snowflake so it'd be great to run with Pulumi from the start. if its still a few weeks/months away I'll have another look at doing it myself with
We've just picked up the work to add a Snowflake Pulumi provider based on the Terraform one. Should have it out within a few weeks, if not sooner.
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great news! let me know if there's anything i can do to help
Thanks Alex. What is the status? cheers